label printing

Label printing companies history and products

Label printing companies, history and products Just think about it.. Label printing companies produce a huge variety of labels these days. Next time you look at a labelled container just imagine how different the world would have been without them. Certain products are obvious without a label but many would just be nameless recepticles with who knows what inside. Once you start to look you will realise that labels are everywhere. Complete Print can help …

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Example of a flyer printed

How to get your flyers printed

How to get your flyers printed What is a printed flyer? Some good information to get your flyers printed. The Oxford dictionary defines a flyer as a small handbill advertising an event or product and is often also referred to as a pamphlet or leaflet. It is usually handed out near the business, at the traffic intersection or popped into your letter box. They vary in size from A4 down to A6 and DL with …

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Printed open book

Book printing

Book printing There are many variations of book printing and what you could do for your printed project. That is why your book printer does not carry a price list and prefers to quote on each unique order. The printing estimator would need to have a look at the specifications of your project as the information required for quoting varies depending on whether it is a calendar, magazine or a book and this will allow them to be accurate so you …

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colour printing

Colour printing basics

Colour printing basics Colour printing on paper consists of the inks Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and black, commonly referred to as CMYK. Each colour has a row of dots at a different angle to the other colours. This printed colour reaches your eyes by way of reflected light. Your computer screen uses Red, Green & Blue, (RGB). This transilluminated colour reaches your eyes by way of radiation. This video also explains it very well. It is …

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Lorem ipsum

Lorem Ipsum

Lorem ipsum Lorem ipsum was the printer’s but is know the designers much loved Filler Tool. Did you know? Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text used in the printing and typesetting industry. It has been the standard filler text since the 1500’s. The story goes that an un-named printer took a galley of type and swopped it around a bit to produce a type specimen book. Amazing to think that this has survived all these …

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