A story about Lorem ipsum

Have you ever heard of

Lorem Ipsum?

This strange text used to be the printer’s favourite but is now known as the designer’s much loved Filler Tool.

Lorem ipsum is simply dummy text used in the printing and typesetting industry. It has been the standard filler text since the 1500s and looks like this;

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Fusce convallis, tortor ornare pharetra tincidunt, sapien urna cursus elit, vitae luctus lorem dui non nulla. Donec ornare leo nec ipsum posuere ornare. Sed sollicitudin ultricies lorem, ut rutrum nisi molestie ut. Morbi vulputate lacinia mi, vel tincidunt purus rutrum vitae. Etiam.

The story goes that an un-named, (and long forgotten), printer took a galley of type and swopped it around a bit to produce a type specimen to presumably test his press, paper or ink. Amazing to think that this has survived all these years to still not only be in use but to also make its way into the digital age of publishing with very little change. Letraset helped to increase its popularity when they released a rubbing sheet of it containing usable paragraphs. Letraset has long since disappeared but you can still get your hands on versions of this ancient text in some publishing programs and on the internet. Click here for a good Lorem Ipsum Generator.