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What are the most cost-effective print sizes

A6 product – 148mm(height) x 105mm(width) A5 product – 210mm(height) x 148mm(width) A4 product – 297mm(height) x 210mm(width) A3 product – 420mm(height) x 297mm(width) You can go any size you would like but print sheets come in set sizes and the printer will bill you for excess paper that they trim away

What paper should I use

The basic choices you have are the thickness of paper, coated or uncoated and type of coating. The thicker you go the pricier it is and coated is generally more expensive. It depends on your type of work. Speak to your Strategist.

How long are quotes valid for?

The standard validity period is 30 days. If you require longer validity, speak to your Strategist and they will negotiate a longer period (up to 12 month

Should I use a Printer near me?

Depending on the size of your job and if you want to see the job on the press. Bigger jobs should be placed with the best factory irrespective of where it is based. All decent printers deliver throughout South Africa.