Printed open book

Book Printing

There are many variations of book printing and what you could do for your printed project. That is why your book printer does not carry a price list and prefers to quote on each unique order. The printing estimator would need to have a look at the specifications of your project as the information required for quoting varies depending on whether it is a calendar, magazine or a book and this will allow them to be accurate so you get a …

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CYMK and RGB infographic

Colour Basics

Colour printing on paper consists of the inks Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and black, commonly referred to as CMYK. Each colour has a row of dots at a different angle to the other colours. This printed colour reaches your eyes by way of reflected light. Your computer screen uses Red, Green & Blue, (RGB). This transilluminated colour reaches your eyes by way of radiation. This video also explains it very well. It is advisable to have …

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One of the biggest Printing Companies in South Africa

Printing Companies South Africa

Find a Print Company Near Me Printing Companies that count in 2020 Table of Contents: History of Printing South Africa Printing Companies Johannesburg Printing Companies Durban Printing companies Cape Town Printing Companies Pretoria Directory of Printing Companies Frequently Asked Questions History of Printing Companies: The beginnings of print are thought to have originated around 3500BC in Persia. It was a good number of years before it graced the shores of South Africa in the late …

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Old Printed page

Lorem Ipsum

This is the Printer and Designers much loved Filler Tool. Did you know? Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text used in the printing and typesetting industry. Lorem Ipsum has been the standard filler text since the 1500’s. The story goes that an un-named printer took a galley of type and swopped it around a bit to produce a  type specimen book. Amazing to think that this has survived all these years to still not only …

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Foxing on printed page

A Foxy Story

Foxing is the term used to describe the brown staining found on old printed products. It doesn’t affect its integrity but does lower the value of the document for collectors. It is thought to be caused by either fungus or the oxidising of iron and other trace metals. For Wikipedia’s take on a Foxy story follow this link. Be sure to see out article on printing companies